Woman, Dog Rescued From Downtown Apartment Fire

No one was injured after a fire started on the fourth floor of the Bull Durham apartments at 10th and Leavenworth Wednesday afternoon.  Firefighters were first called there because the alarms were going off, but there was no initial sign of trouble.

Battalion Chief Troy Brannen says when they arrived there was water leaking from the apartment on the outside of the building and the window was smoke stained.   After gaining entry into the building they found the fire in a fourth floor unit. 

He says the sprinkler put out most of the fire and they finished the job.  Firefighters safely evacuated a woman and her dog from the building, but there was concern for some of the other residents as well.  "They weren't leaving because they've had so many of these same calls that don't turn out to be anything.  We got a hold of one resident right next door that didn't exit even though the alarms were going off."

He says fire damage was limited to that one unit.  But all of the water from the sprinklers cascaded down to the two apartments below.  The cause is not yet known.


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