Scott Frost Says "I Can See Change"

Scott Frost said Monday he hopes the 0-4 start will serve as a wake-up call for his team.  "I'm hoping this beginning of the season is a turning point for this football team," Frost says.

In losing to Purdue on Saturday Frost said he saw a "lot of selfish and undisciplined decisions and plays." He said building a foundation of success is a lot like building a house.

"When you're building a new house, you can't build it on a bad foundation or you won't have a house for very long," Frost said. "We had some rot and some termites, and we still do. We still gotta get all that cleaned out. You can't build a structure on a foundation that isn't solid."

The first year Husker coach says after the recording setting loss to Purdue, the program's eight straight dating back to late year, Frost says he is seeing evidence the players want to make the necessary changes to be successful.

"I had four captains come into my office yesterday on their day off to figure out what needs to be done to get it fixed," Frost said. "I think the guys get it. That's all part of building the foundation I was talking about. Sometimes it doesn't matter how much the coach says it, if it doesn't come from in the locker room, there's not a lot of power to it."

He also said there were several guys who practiced hard on Monday that had not done so before. "I can see a change now." 

As the Huskers prepare for a tough road game at Wisconsin on Saturday Frost announced Monday that linebacker Will Honas is out for the season with a a knee injury.  "It's heart-breaking for him," Frost said. "He's one of the guys that cares and works his butt off and the type of teammate you want on his team. That's football and those things happen, but you hate to see it happen to anybody that's a good kid, on any team, at any time."


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