Bellevue Police Chief Files Libel And Defamation Lawsuits

Bellevue Police Chief Mark Elbert has filed a lawsuit against the police union's attorney, Gary Young, and his law firm in the latest twist to a long-running clash. Elbert is also suing Jim Maguire, the President of the Nebraska chapter of the Fraternal Order of Police.

About a week ago, Elbert returned to the job after a nearly year-long paid leave of absence that was the result of no confidence vote by the police union.

Elbert says the ordeal was unfair because he couldn't discuss the specific allegations brought up by the union. He calls the allegations personnel matters.

The Nebraska Commission on Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice determined there was no merit to the allegations, which has lead Elbert to file the defamation and libel lawsuits. The Police chief says he plans to file other lawsuits as well. 


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