Shortened Fireworks Season Approved By City Council

Following a record year for complaints, the Omaha City Council has voted to reduce the number of days fireworks can be bought and set off for the Independence Day celebration.                                               

Tuesday's 7-0 vote means you'll be able to set off fireworks three days leading up to the Fourth of July and seven days to purchase them.

Council members admit that the four day gap between being able to purchase and light fireworks could lead to an enforcement issue for police.

 "As long as the communities that surround us are going to stick with what they have, which is not matching what we have, it's tough for us to say lets spend the money and put our men and women in blue out here to stop this," says Councilman Vinny Palermo. 

The council also voted to increase the fines for first-time violators from $200 to $300.  A second violation would be $400 and that would increase to $500 for an additional offense.

The council also reduced the number of organizations that will receive fireworks permits for fundraising purposes from 50 to 40.

After the council vote Mayor Jean Stothert responded.  "The City Council's action in response to overwhelming public concern about fireworks is necessary and appropriate.  I appreciate the Council's willingness to support the changes I proposed and take additional steps to limit fireworks sales and use while maintaining our Independence Day celebrations." 


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