City Council Set To Vote On Fireworks Ordinance

Omaha's City Council will decide the future of fireworks in the Big O on Tuesday. 

At Tuesday's meeting, the council will vote on a proposal that would reduce the number of days residents are allowed to buy and light off fireworks in the city. 

The vote comes after a prompt from Mayor Jean Stothert, who wants to reduce the number of days fireworks are allowed from ten to five. Stothert decided on that time frame based on the number of fireworks complaint calls 911 dispatchers took in 2017. 

Possible amendments to the current fireworks ordinance include limiting fireworks use to July 2nd through July 4th from Noon to 11:00 PM. That amendment would also be the same for New Year's Eve. 

The council also will debate a proposal that would increase the fine for first-time fireworks violators from $200 to $300 and second time offenders could be fined $400.


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