Pickup Thief Runover By Truck He Stole

It was a wild scene in Council Bluffs Sunday when a man stole a pickup was run over by the truck as he fled from police.  

According to Council Bluffs police, an officer was investigating an accident in a Walmart parking lot around 1:00 p.m. when the officer was approached by a man who had found his stolen F-250 in the lot.

The person who had stolen it got into the truck and started to flee, but the victim jumped on the hood of the truck.  When the suspect saw the officer, he took off with the victim on the hood. 

Police say the owner of the truck was able to get into the back and break out the back window to enter the cab. 

When the suspect say the owner getting into the cab the suspect jumped out of the moving pickup. The truck left the road and hit a tree with the open door.

That's when the suspect fell under the vehicle and was ran over.  He was transported to Jennie Edmundson Hopsital and then to the University of Nebraska Medical Center with serious injuries. 

Police are not releasing the identity of the thief due to pending warrants. 


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