More Than 1,000 Violations At Yale Park Apartments

Omaha city officials on Friday said all of the inspections have been completed at the Yale Park Apartment complex near 34th and Lake, a day after it was shut down due to deplorable living conditions.

Mayor Jean Stothert says inspectors found more than 1,000 violations  Some of the main concerns are gas leaks, carbon monoxide leaks, holes in pipes, serious electrical problems and faulty plumbing throughout the 13 building complex.

"We did consider some of these conditions life-threatening,  which is the reason that why we felt it was critical that once we had those formal complaints that we went into those buildings and did the inspections as soon as we could."

Stothert says cockroaches coming out of the walls, bedbugs, maggots and rusted electrical problems are some of the other issues that made it unsafe for the 500 refugee residents from living there.

Omaha Planning Director Dave Fanslau says the remaining nine units were inspected on Friday along with the laundry room and the office. He says there were similar issues to the ones they found on Thursday. There were even code violations found in the two units occupied by the owners.  

Every single door in the complex now have violation stickers on them.  The city is allowing tenants to return to their units between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. to collect their belongings. "Making it very clear, though, that they’re not supposed to be there for anything else but to gather their belongings and leave the site."

Stothert say they will meet with the owner and property manager Kay Anderson early next week to go over the violations and let him know the amount of time he has to make the repairs.



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