Property Tax Going Up In Ralston City Budget

Ralston residents are going to have to dig deeper to pay their property taxes to help fund a budget okayed by the City Council in that Douglas County community. 

The property tax will increase 10 cents per $100 of assessed valuation. For a home valued at $150,000 for tax purposes, the homeowner would pay an additional $150 per year. 

There will also be cuts made to the police department and the library.  Under the new budget, the City of Ralston will eliminate one police officer position, as well as cut down on officers' overtime. 

Ralston Mayor Don Groesser, said the changes will not affect public safety. 

Another change will be that part-time employees at the public library will have their hours cut. 

The mayor said the money will be used on road projects, such as the 84th St. bridge.  

Some Ralston residents think the underlying problem is the Ralston Arena, which has failed to turn a profit.  

The city is looking at options to try and make the arena profitable, including the possibility of hiring a company to manage the arena.

(photo courtesy of WOWT)


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