Developers Propose Blackstone Occupancy Tax

Blackstone patrons could see an increase in their restaurant and bar bills if area developers have their way. 

In an effort to raise money to renovate the Blackstone Hotel, developers with GreenSlate and Clarity Development have proposed an occupation tax of nearly 2% on all food, drinks and retail sales in the neighborhood. In addition to the food and drink tax, the developers are also asking for a $120 per apartment per year, 25 cents per square foot of commercial office space and 3% of hotel revenues in the district.

The tax increase would help pay for about $22 million worth of renovations on the historic Blackstone Hotel at 36th and Farnam, a project that could take up to 30 years, although developers hope to have it done in 15.  

The tax proposal is similar to ones being utilized to help pay for the Capitol District downtown and Topgolf project near Westroads Mall.

(Photos courtesy of 6 News)


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