Murder Suspect Found Mentally Incompetent To Stand Trial

A metro man facing Second Degree Murder charges has been found mentally incompetent to stand trial.

Douglas County prosecutors claimed Dustin Salisbury deliberately ran down a man with his truck and killed him, but Salisbury's attorney said his client suffers from PTSD and blacked out during the incident.

Salisbury was held without bond after being accused of killing Jessi Domingo when the two men got into an argument. Prosecutors say it was no accident when Dustin Salisbury allegedly drove his pickup truck through a fence, a utility pole, a utility box and a garage.

In the hours following the crash, the body of 23 year old Jessi Domingo was found when police were called back to the scene.

“Mr. Salisbury was getting ready to go fishing and I think they just crossed paths and got into an argument,” Brenda Beadle of the Douglas County Attorney’s Office said initially. “The victim was run down by Mr. Salisbury’s vehicle and his body was discovered hours later.”

Salisbury’s public defender said her client was in the military and served in Iraq and Turkey, and suffers from PTSD. “He was upset about the party talking to him in his yard at approximately 4:30 in the morning. He advised me that’s what triggered his PTSD. He did not a have a recollection of the accident and blacked out at some point.”

Autopsy reports indicated that Domingo died from blunt force trauma to the head and neck.

Prosecutors said the victim called one of his family members just before the crash, telling his cousin he was about to die. It's not clear why Jessi Domingo made that phone call, but prosecutors believed he made that call after having an argument with Salisbury.

Salisbury will remain committed to the Lincoln Regional Center for appropriate treatment. The court will hold a review hearing on March 5th.


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