Investigators Surprised By Woman's Blood Alcohol Level

Spokane DUI drunk driving stock image

One veteran Omaha Police sergeant says it's the highest blood alcohol level he's seen in 20 years. A woman was arrested last Friday after crashing into the back on another vehicle near 168th and William.  

The driver of a private ambulance noticed a car swerving all over the road for a couple of miles and used it's siren to try and get the car to pull over.    The silver Hyundai eventually stopped when it rear-ended another car.

Investigators say the 28-year-old woman's BAC was five-times the legal limit, registering at 0.427.   The human body isn't made to tolerate that much alcohol," said Lt. Matt Sutter with the Nebraska State Patrol told 6 News.

It's still unknown how the woman made it into her car and was able to drive. "In order for someone to tolerate alcohol that high, they likely had years of practice of drinking that much in order to even be functioning at that level. Most people, if they're at 0.15 would be passed out or asleep," Sutter says. 

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, in general, a woman who weighs 120 pounds would reach a 0.427 BAC with 11 drinks in one hour.


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