Wedding Dress Among Items Stolen From Lincoln Home

Lincoln Police are investigating after a woman's car, wedding dress, credit cards and computers were stolen.

Authorities say around 8:00 Sunday morning officers responded to a home near 27th and Pepper Ave for a reported burglary. A 27 year old man and 27 year old woman live in the home. The couple reported that they locked the door before bed Saturday night and when they woke they discovered the door was open. 

The woman reported her car keys were missing from a table in the living room and her silver 2009 Mazda Tribute was no longer parked the driveway. Her wedding dress was inside the stolen vehicle. Credit cards and two computers were also stolen from the victim’s home. The victim received an alert from her bank that her stolen credit card was used at a truck stop in Rockport, MO.

The investigation is ongoing. 


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