Woman Sentenced In 2017 Drug-Related Murder

An Omaha woman is headed to prison after being sentenced on Friday for her part in a 2017 drug-related murder. 

Last summer, Milea Ixta and her estranged husband tried to sell Billy Walker fake drugs. When Walker didn't take the deal, he was killed for his money.

Prosecutors in the case asked for jail time instead of probation. Ixta was charged with accessory to a felony. In court, Ixta apologized for her role in the death of Walker. "I'd just like to say I'm sorry to the family for their loss."

Defense Attorney Jason Troia asked for probation, saying his client would be better off on the outside so she can get the help she needs. "She has some pretty significant mental health issues and substance abuse issues that go back a ways. They go back to her upbringing. They go back to her early adulthood, and they still plague her today."

Walker's mother had a difficult time making it through an emotional victim impact statement. "When I found out he was killed, it's like my world had fell apart," said Suzan Walker.

Prosecutors told the judge they believed probation should not have be an option because of Ixta's criminal background. "Ms. Ixta does have somewhat of a felon record... Couple of felonies in 2015 in Douglas County. One in Sarpy County. Then, another felony theft in Douglas County in 2016," Ryan Lindberg listed.

Judge Marlon Polk sentenced Ixta to three to six years in prison for her role in the death of Billy Walker.

Ixta's three to six year sentence means she will be eligible for parole in one-and-a-half years with mandatory discharge in three years. Ixta will also have to stand trial on two felony theft charges.

Her estranged husband, Adrian, was sentenced to more than 70 years in prison for murder.


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