Police Give Update In Officer Involved Shooting

Omaha police released an update on Friday regarding the shooting that injured an officer and a suspect, and led to the arrest of two men.

Officers Jeff Wasmund and Chris Brown were interviewed by the Officer Involved Investigations Team on Friday.

The interview revealed that the reason for the traffic stop was because the car Brandon Richey and John Ezell were in was illegally parked on the wrong side of the road and too close to a fire hydrant.

Statements were consistent with the events already released.

Drug and alcohol screening revealed that Ezell had a BAC of .333. There were no drugs evident in the result.

Officer Kenneth Fortune was shot in the shoulder by Ezell when he approached the vehicle during the traffic stop. He has been released from the hospital.

Ezell was shot by the other officers after firing shots at Fortune. There is no word on if he has been released from the hospital yet.

Richey was also arrested and has appeared in court.


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