Woman Recalls Terrifying Moments During Officer Involved Shooting

An Omaha woman says she was almost a victim in Tuesday’s shooting when an Omaha police officer and a suspect were shot.

Michelle Edds says she was on her way to work when her vehicle was hit by gunfire near 30th and Laurel. An Omaha police officer was shot, the passenger in the suspect car also suffering a gunshot wound.

Michelle tells 6 News she didn't know a bullet had hit her car. “So, it entered through the back window and hit the top part of the right part of the rest board and exited out of the headboard. And then it hit and ricocheted and hit the inside of the right passenger door.”

Michelle says her husband usually sits in the passenger seat. “I was scared. I stopped like I said and checked myself to make sure I wasn’t bleeding and still now any loud sound I still kind of jump once in a while because I don't know what’s going to happen.”

Michelle says after her experience at 30th and Laurel, she wonders about what could have been and she looks at life differently. “I could have been paralyzed, I could have been dead. My family could have been planning my funeral today so you know I thank the Lord every morning that there was a guardian angel watching over me.”

Officer Ken Fortune, injured in the shooting, was released from the hospital on Thursday. The suspect injured in the incident, John Ezell Jr., remains hospitalized.


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