Serial Killer Garcia Sentenced To Death

Convicted serial killer Anthony Garcia is sentenced to death for the 2008 murders of Shirlee Sherman and 11 year old Thomas Hunter and for the 2013 murders of Dr. Roger Brumback and his wife, Mary.  Garcia was also sentenced on weapons charges to up to 20 years each for the killings of Sherman and Hunter and a maximum of 50 for each of the Brumback murders.  Those sentences were ordered to be served consecutively.

Prior to the sentencing, family members of the victims made impact statements.  Several of Sherman's relatives stated that they will never have closure but want justice to be done.  Hunter's mother, Claire Hunter also spoke thanking the prosecutor, law enforcement, family, friends and the community for their support and that an 11 year old boy should never have to lose his life in a fit of anger. 

All four victims had ties to Creighton University's Pathology Department where Garcia was fired with the likely motive revenge. 

Judge Gary Randall started reading the aggravating and mitigating circumstances of the case when he took a break about half-way through the proceeding stating he needed to take a break due to pain.  Randall was taken away by ambulance.  Earlier this week he had a procedure and back pain was a side effect. 

Judge Rick Schreiner then took the bench and stated that he and Judge W. Russell Bowie decided that they would continue with the sentencing.  The defense objected but that was overruled and the sentencing phase continued.  That three judge panel decided Garcia's fate.   


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