Woman Sentenced To Five Years For Deadly Crash

An Omaha woman is facing five years in prison for her part in a deadly hit and run crash. 

Prosecutors say in May, Nickole Wheeler was attempting to steal an SUV from a dealership when she ran over a man, killing him, at the corner of 24th and Leavenworth.

After hitting 48 year old Reuben Batres, surveillance video showed Wheeler running from the SUV, which she'd just stolen from a dealership using a fake ID. A few blocks away Wheeler flagged down a driver for a ride, little did she know the driver had witnessed the whole incident and the witness did give her a ride, right back to the scene of the crash.

Her attorney said Wheeler had a choice to make that day, to stay with an abusive boyfriend, or get in a truck with friends and help steal a car. Prosecutors say those are just excuses, and that Wheeler knew the difference between right and wrong.

Wheeler's attorney also said she didn't know how to drive, was easily manipulated and addicted to meth. In court, Wheeler said she wished that she could take back what happened that day.

Wheeler was sentenced to five years for misdemeanor Motor Vehicle Homicide, Theft and Leaving the Scene of an Accident Resulting in Death.


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