Scott Frost Doesn't Want To Schedule December Game

Nebraska head coach Scott Frost has a lot of confidence in his team and a very lofty goal in his first season. 

As he met with reporters Thursday morning in preparation for the Troy game, Frost was asked about the progress being made in scheduling a 12th game, after the Akron game was postponed.  Frost says there's one big reason why he doesn't want to play a make up game in early December. 

“I don’t want to schedule a game for December because I think we’re going to have a chance to be in the (conference) Championship Game,” Frost says. “I don't want our kids thinking that we're not going to be in the championship game.  We need to be in the championship game. So that leaves us October.”

University officials are looking at October 27 as a more likely option for a make-up game.  But Frost isn't a big fan of that idea because it would come during the team's week off.   “It’s not ideal to play 12 straight weeks, they don’t really do that in the NFL,” Frost said. “But if that’s the hand we’re dealt, so be it."

If the Huskers do play a 12th game a matchup against Frost's old team, Central Florida, would be an intriguing matchup.   Frost was asked about the possibility of playing the Knights.  They don't play on October 27, but have a game scheduled for November 3.  Their game this weekend has been canceled due to Hurricane Florence.

"It would be an “evenly-matched game,” Frost says.  But he admits he would be "broken hearted" is players on either team were injured in a game between the two schools.

“I still love those kids down there that are playing at UCF so much — rooting for them.” It’d be a great game. I think it’d be an evenly-matched game of two really good teams. But, personally, I’d cringe a little when our defensive end hit their quarterback. That’s not how you want to go into a game.”


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