Cop Shooter Facing Attempted Murder Charges

Douglas County Attorney Don Kleine says attempted murder charges could be filed Thursday against the man accused of shooting Omaha Police officer Ken Fortune Tuesday afternoon during a traffic stop near 30th and Laurel.

Kleine says video of the incident shows John Ezell Jr. in the passenger seat pulling a gun and then firing a shot at Forutne, a 42 year old officer with the gang unit.  The bullet struck his radio microphone and went into his shoulder.

"Thank God that Officer Fortune wasn't hurt any worse than he was," Kleine says.  "We're very fortunate that this isn't a totally different set of circumstances where we have an officer who lost his life."

After Fortune was wounded, Ezell continued to fire shots at other officers.   Officers Jeffrey Wasmund and Christopher Brown returned fire and wounded Ezell.  Despite being injured, Fortune was able to handcuff the driver, Brandon Richey, before being taken to the hospital.

Kleine says from the video he's seen the officers' actions appear justified.  "There's still a lot of work being done.  There will be a lot of interviews and forensic testing, but from the video that I've seen I'm fairly confident in saying that the officers were completely justified in their actions."

Fortune and Ezell are still recovering in the hospital.  Police say Ezell is a convicted felon and a known gang member. 


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