Bellevue Police Chief Mark Elbert Reinstated

The City of Bellevue says Police Chief Mark Elbert will be reinstated beginning Wednesday.

Elbert placed himself on administrative leave in September, 2017 following allegations of misconduct and after the a non confidence vote by the Bellevue Police Officers Association.

According to a statement from Bellevue City Attorney Patrick Sullivan, Elbert will be reinstated with all rights and benefits. Because of a previously scheduled event, Elbert will be using vacation time and will return to work on September 20.

In their 72-1 vote, the union cited a pattern of dishonest and deceptive conduct.  In the statement Sullivan said "it's not the policy or practice of the city to release information regarding personnel issues, including the disposition of any disciplinary investigation.  But it said that "leaks of information" by a third party were full of inconsistencies, lies and misunderstandings of the facts."

Sullivan also wrote "Chief Elbert is a decorated police officer and has risen through the ranks like very few have.  His management style is not for everyone, as is the case of every leader, but he as served professionally and in the best interest of the officers of this City, sometimes at the detriment of his own well-being."


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