Frost Gives Update On QB Adrian Martinez

It was the best news the Huskers could have asked for, that Adrian Martinez's knee injury showed no major ligament damage. 

At Monday's press conference, Head Coach Scott Frost says they are taking things day by day. "We got about as good of news off the examination as we could have gotten. He's a little sore, but doing a lot better today than I expected, and I don't think it will be very long." Frost said there was even a possibility that Martinez could play this Saturday. 

Martinez went down during a play in the fourth quarter of the Husker's season opener against Colorado. In viewing the replay of the true freshman quarter back's injury, it appears as though a Colorado player grabs Martinez's leg and tries to twist it. Frost says they have taken a look at the video and have submitted it for review. "You never want to think anybody on a football field would intentionally try to hurt someone else and no body except someone that does that knows what the intentions were. I will tell ya, we have an angle that doesn't look very good. So, we've turned the play in to the big Ten and the Pac 12 and we'll see where it goes from there."

Frost says he knows that things happen during the game, but that replay looks pretty damning. "You have guys that reach and grab ya in bad places under in the pile and guys stepping on you with cleats. Again, I don't know what the intentions were, I just know the angle I've seen, that I don't think is out there, doesn't look good at all. Everybody's gonna have to make their own determination."

Until Martinez is healthy enough to return, Andrew Bunch and Matt Masker will play as backups.  


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