Lincoln Man Attacked By Two Dogs During Friday Walk

A Lincoln man ended up in the hospital early Friday morning after being attacked by two dogs as he was walking his. 

It happened near 27th and Old Cheney Road around 5:45.  Lincoln Police say the 60-year-old man was walking his Pomeranian-Poodle mix named Scooby Doo near Colonial Heights Apartments and was attacked by a Pitbull-Boxer mix and a Bulldog-Labrador mix.

Witnesses told police they heard screaming and saw both dogs attacking the poodle. The witnesses and the victim say the pitbull is the dog who attacked him.  He had four bloody circular wounds on his arm.  Witnesses helped the owner of the pitbull pull the dog away from the victim because the owner could not control the dog as it continued to attack. 

The man's poodle suffered several bite wounds and was shaking uncontrollably when officers arrived. They said it’s possible the owner of the two dogs could face charges and they will continue to investigate the incident.


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