Nebraska In Search Of 12th Game

In the wake of Nebraska's first ever weather related cancellation, Athletic director Bill Moos says they are committed to having a 12th game on the schedule. 

Moos says they have a verbal agreement for the schools to try and reschedule the game on Saturday, Dec. 1, if neither team is playing in its conference championship game.

"We kind of left it verbally that we'd like to play the game," Moos says. "So if both schools agreed to it, we could play on the Saturday after the end of the regular season, barring either team being in their conference championship game."

Another option is scheduling a game during the Husker's October 27th bye week. Moos says no refunds of tickets for the canceled game will be issued.  Instead, tickets will be reissued if Nebraska is able to schedule a game for either date.

"We just sent a message to our fans to hold tight," Moos says. "Tickets would be re-issued regardless of how we're going to go."

Nebraska is not scheduled to pay Akron the $1.17 payout until March, according to the game contract. Moos says Akron's expenses will be covered.   Moos says having a seventh home game is a top priority.

"We do want to play 12 games, we do want to be bowl-eligible, we do want to extend the season," Moos says.   He says there have been no discussions with Iowa State, which also had it's game canceled Saturday.

At this point, Moose says nothing is off the table.  


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