Federal Indictment Filed Against Former Corrections Officer Trainee


An Omaha man who was training to be a corrections officer is facing more serious charges after being accused of giving false statements to buy handguns in July.

State charges have been dismissed against Eliezar Alcaraz, but that's because the suspect has been indicted in federal court. The four-count indictment against Alcaraz alleges he gave false statements to a Bellevue gun dealer in order to buy three handguns. Investigators say one of those guns was used by someone else in a drive-by shooting in early July.

When Alcaraz first appeared in Sarpy County Court, 6 News uncovered that he was training to be a corrections officer with Douglas County, but was let go as soon as his bosses found out about the case.

In court, Assistant U.S. Attorney Matt Lierman said Alcaraz used fake IDs to buy the guns. "He was a corrections officer with a badge at the time these purchases took place. He specifically told officers, and recognized the fact that he was handing over firearms to individuals, known gang members that were going to use them for shooting incidents," said , an  in court.

The case is scheduled to go to trial Oct. 1.


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