Rainy, Slippery Roads Cause Headaches For Drivers

It isn't just snow and ice that can turn Nebraska roads into a mess, the recent rain is also causing problems on the roadways. 

The Nebraska State Patrol tweeted new reminders overnight of why we need to pay attention to wet conditions. A Honda Civic wound up in an Interstate-80 ditch in Cass County after sliding from the wet pavement into a ditch.

Troopers also offered an assist to Sarpy County on an eastbound 80 crash and offered this tip: Please never use your cruise control during rain or snow. These incidents come just two weeks after the driver of a semi lost control of the rig on I-80 near Giles Road.

That one, on a rainy August 20th, played out in front of an NSP dash-cam as the driver slammed into a median barrier and spun sideways across the interstate.

It is expected to rain nearly every day this week, so be sure to slow down and be aware of the road conditions. 


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