Superhero Window Washers Brighten Day For Patients

Patients at Children's Hospital and Medical Center got quite a surprise on Thursday morning.  A group of local window washers dressed as superheroes and went from fighting crime to fighting grime as they put on a show for children in the hospital.

There were plenty of smiles and and excitement as the superheroes arrived by ambulance to greet kids in the lobby.  Then it was up to the roof where the window washers from Fischer Building Services went to work . 

Buck McGraw dressed as Batman and says there is nothing like coming down the side of the building and seeing the happy faces on the other side of the glass.  "We're just trying to put some smiles on kids faces while their here at the hospital, McGraw says.  "It's just awesome, brighten their day a little bit, make them happy.  That's what it's about." 

McGraw and his co-workers have done this for several years.  



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