County Announces New Early-Voting System

As early voting numbers continue to climb, Douglas County Election Commisioner Brian Kruse is putting a new system in place to help enhance the early-voting process.

Kruse says 14 percent of Douglas County voters cast early ballots in 2004. By 2016 that number was up to approximately 34 percent and he expects that trend to continue. 

In the state of Nebraska a voter needs to request an early-voting ballot to be mailed to them. That request has to be made for each election.  But that won't be the case in Douglas County starting with the election in November.

The county is putting a new system in place in the form of an early-voting request list. The standard early-voting application now has a new check box that allows you to request to have your name placed on that list.  If you check that box you will receive a postcard as each election approaches. You'll need to fill that out and return it to the Election Commission office and your ballot will be mailed to you.

"This new program will help our office be more efficient and more customer-oriented," Kruse said.  He says this system will also save the county money on materials and by reducing printing costs and postage.  

For more information, visit the Douglas County Election Commission's website.


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