One Killed, Three Injured In Carbon Monoxide Leak

One person is dead and three others were injured after a carbon monoxide leak in Lincoln Wednesday morning. 

Lincoln Police say just before 3:30 emergency crews were called to a mobile home in north Lincoln near 37th and Cornhusker for a report of an unconscious man. Once on the scene crews located a 56 year old man and began CPR. 

A short time later, the firefighter’s carbon monoxide alarm began sounding, indicating there was an elevated CO level in the home. The alarm reading indicated there were over 400 parts per million of carbon monoxide and everyone was immediately evacuated from the trailer. 

The victim and three family members were taken to the hospital for carbon monoxide poisoning. The 56 year old man died at the hospital and an autopsy has been ordered. 

After interviewing the family, officers discovered the victim had not been feeling well earlier in the night. When family members went to check on the victim, he told them he was feeling better and did not want to go to the hospital. The victim’s girlfriend also fell ill, so they drove her to the hospital while the victim’s son and grandson remained with him. 

Eventually the son and grandson began feeling sick as well before the victim had a seizure and lost consciousness. The victim’s son performed CPR until medical units arrived. 

At 4:30 Wednesday morning, a Black Hills Energy service technician responded to the scene to investigate the CO source and shut off the natural gas supply to the home. The technician found the hot water heater was not venting properly because the aluminum vent was disconnected, causing the exhaust to circulate into the trailer. 

The service technician stood by until the levels were back at zero around 5:30. The investigation is ongoing.


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