Bellevue West Student Arrested In Apparent Threat

Bellevue Police are investigating a threat against Bellevue West High School. On Wednesday they received a report that a student had made a verbal threat that he planned to shoot other students who were participating in a planned walk-out to stand against gun violence in schools. 

The student that made the threat is identified as 18 year old Nicholas J. Scott of Bellevue.  He was removed from the school by his parents before law enforcement were able to make contact with him.  During the investigation Scott was contacted and agreed to meet with officers on Thursday.  That is when Scott was booked for the felony criminal offense of making terroristic threats.

As the investigation continued officers were given the consent to search Scott's bedroom.  Officers located various unassembled materials that are commonly known to be used in the manufacturing of explosive devices. The unassembled materials were seized as evidence by the Bellevue Police. 

Nicholas J. Scott is now facing the additional criminal charge of Possession of Destructive Device. Scott remains in the custody of the Sarpy County Jail.

The Police Department would like to publicly thank those who came forward with the information regarding this case. The safety guideline of Hear Something, Say Something” played an extremely important role in quickly bringing this incident to a safe resolve.

Photo:   WOWT 6 News.  

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