Convicted Killer Receives Life Sentence

posted by Tom Stanton - 

Life in prison sentence for convicted killer                                                                  

 Tyeric Lessley will spend the rest of his life behind bars for the October 2016 murder of Suzanne Pope. After Lessley was sentenced, Pope's mother, Nancy Mattice, said: "We got what we wanted." 

On Friday, Douglas County District Court Judge Marlon Polk ordered a sentence of life in prison for Lessley's conviction of 1st degree murder. 

Prior to the sentencing, Mattice asked Judge Polk to order a sentence that would ensure Lessley would suffer.  She said: "He's damaged too many lives already."

Pope's fiance, Curtis Goodwin, who was shot by Lessley at his home near 39th and Kansas and survived, also appeared in court and addressed the man who nearly killed him.  He said Lessley was his "worst nightmare."  However, he also said he has forgiven Lessley.  He added: "I pray God has mercy on your soul." 

Goodwin was shot while trying to fight him off.  Pope was sleeping in her room when she was shot

In December, a jury convicted Lessley guilty on five counts related to the October 2016 shootings and home invasion. 

Lessley was found guilty of first degree murder, two counts of use of  a firearm to commit a felony, first degree assault and possession of a firearm by a prohibited person.


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