There are many concerned citizens in Omaha after hate group cards were found throughout Downtown Omaha over the weekend. 

The cards show a swastika, with the words "Alt-Right" emblazoned over the top and the phrase "America was 90 percent white in 1950, now it's 60 percent. Make America Great Again" on the back. 

Maggie Wood with Inclusive Communities says there needs to be more dialogue about how hate groups like this can exist. "If people are surprised just by a couple of cards that they found on the street, obviously we need to do a better job about talking about how they actually exist, especially in our own town."

Although it is not clear exactly what the group's mission is, Woods says she has a good idea. "This is some sort of recruitment effort to find like-minded individuals that are interested in joining up together to be part of a hate group."

Woods says according to the Southern Poverty Law Center, Nebraska has more than one hate group within the state. "There's 917 hate groups who are currently operating in the United States, and according to that map that there are five of them that operate in Nebraska."

Omaha Mayor Jean Stothert's office says they did receive a tip about the cards, but it has been the only one of its kind. Wood urges anyone who finds one of the cards to report it to the city and the Anti-Defamation League.