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Catching Porch Pirates

Elk Grove Police (Cali.) are sending out bait packages throughout the city at various days and times to stop package theft.

Yesterday, officers started the undercover operation to catch package thieves.

"Some of the research and stats have already been completed," said officer Jason Jimenez, Elk Grove Police. "The detectives as part of the operation have a good idea of what general areas will be targeting. We will be doing this operation in various days and times. So if you like to steal packages, you better be aware."

As of last night, a Facebook post letting followers know about the operation had close to 2,000 shares.

Some residents are appreciative, but others say they are fed up and shared how they want to plant unwanted items inside the box to stop thefts.

"Taking the extra steps of placing something that could be dangerous to somebody else regardless of what they may be doing there may be some liability there," Jimenez said. "We would ask that you not do that."

Jimenez said depending on what you put in the box you can get in trouble.

"Depending on what is placed inside the box, what kind of injuries the person sustains all of that is considered to see what type of crime had been committed,"Jimenez said.

(ABC - Sacramento)

And then there's this woman...

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