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That Time of Year: Bunch of Wusses Warn About Toys

My kid played with the Wolverine version of this toy when he was four, and we all survived.

It's the sort of toy many parents would look at and immediately say, "I don't think so."

Toymaker Hasbro calls it the Marvel Black Panther Slash Claw and says it will make children as young as 5 "ready to pounce!"

"Kids can imagine slashing into action like the warrior hero, Black Panther, with this movie-inspired Black Panther Slash Claw, featuring retractable claws that push in and extend out depending on movement," Hasbro says. "Press claws into a hard surface to retract, or strike hand forward to extend."

The $9.99 Black Panther Slash Claw was one of 10 toys highlighted by the advocacy group World Against Toys Causing Harm, a.k.a. WATCH, as being among the "worst toys of 2018."

"These rigid, plastic claws, based on a popular comic book and movie character, are sold to 5-year-olds to 'slash' like the Black Panther, while simultaneously advising not to 'hit or swing at people,'" the group warned.

Also on this year's WATCH list, released last week, is a Power Rangers sword for kids as young as 4 that features a spring-loaded plastic blade that can cause "facial and other impact injuries."

Not to mention a plastic fruit-cutting set for kids age 2 and up that includes a plastic "slicing knife" that can cause "puncture wounds and other blunt trauma injuries."

CLICK HERE for the rest of the list.

(Los Angeles Times)

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