NE Cong. Candidate Was in a Band Called WHAT?!?

From yesterday's report in the Washington Examiner:  "From would-be sex therapist to musician in a band named Pieces of F--k to Democratic nominee for Congress in Nebraska, Kara Eastman has had an interesting career trajectory."  

Wait ... Pieces of WHAT?!?

CLICK HERE to read more of the report (WARNING TO SENSITIVE EYES:  The report doesn't censor the word).

Jack Pandol, regional press secretary for the Republican Congressional Committee, e-mailed me the following:

Given Kara’s far-left progressive politics, we thought we might propose some ideas for Pieces of F--k’s next mixtape, featuring future mega-hits like:

- Tax My Breath Away

- Single Payer State of Mind

- ICE, ICE, Abolish It

- Unrestricted Abortion (That’s What I Want)

- Baby I Need Your Guns Taken Away

- Ain’t No Position Left Enough

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