Why Did I Ever Pay Full Price for a Hot Tub?

I love my hot tub.  Olivia Munn and I have such g....I'm sorry, I mean "My wife and I have such great, relaxing conversations in there."  No TVs, no phones, no distractions -- just valuable time together.

But, here's the problem:  I paid full price for it.  Had I been smart, and bought it during NewsRadio 1110 KFAB's "Great American Radio Auction," I could have purchased an $11,000 spa for as low as the starting bid of $4950.  

Stop staring at Olivia Munn and pay attention, please.

This hot tub (CLICK HERE to learn more) is just one of thousands of items in dozens of easy-to-search categories that are discounted at 50-65% of retail, but only until 4pm tomorrow.  So, if you want to save big on things you're already going to buy for yourself, or someone else, this year anyway -- CLICK HERE and start saving!

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