Movie Trailer: Morbius

The first look at the upcoming Marvel movie, Morbius, just dropped today. This Marvel movie is NOT affiliated with the popular string of Marvel movies dubbed the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This is a Sony movie, not a Disney movie. It's in the world of Tom Hardy's Venom character, not the Avengers. BUT we might see an Avenger in future Morbius movies.

At the end of this trailer, we see Michael Keaton and his character from the most recent Spider-Man film. If you look closely in the background you can see Anti-Spider-Man posters in the background, because at the end of the last Spider-Man movie, the City of New York thought Spider-Man was a bad dude. So Morbius is bridging the two Spider-Man worlds which brings up numerous possibilities.

Could this be the start of the famous Sinister Six gang from the comics? Could Morbius, a vampire, be the introduction of the Blade reboot in the years to come. Could this be the rumored MCU Spider-Man and Venom team up that was leaked during the Sony e-mail hack years and years ago? There's a lot of questions. Hopefully we get a few answers soon.

Morbius hits theaters July 31st.