My 2020 Razzie Nominations

The Razzies award the WORST movies of the year. Sort of acting as the antithesis of The Oscars. As a voting member for this prestigious award show, I have decided to be transparent with my voting process. Nomination forms were sent out and I have sent mine back. Here are my nominees for the worst in movies this past year...

Worst On-Screen Duo

-Any 2 people from Cats - Cats

-John Travolta & His Scripts - The Fanatic (This was a suggestion from The Razzies themselves)

-Matthew McConaughey & Anne Hathaway - Serenity

-Rebel Wilson & Anne Hathaway - The Hustle (Write-In)

Worst Supporting Actress

-Jessica Chastain – X-Men: Dark Phoenix

-Judi Dench – Cats

-Rebel Wilson – Cats

I couldn't necessarily find five actresses worthy of nomination here, so I simply only nominated three.

Worst Screenplay

-Rambo: Last Blood

-Lucy in the Sky


-Godzilla: King of the Monsters


Worst Remake, Ripoff, or Sequel

-X-Men: Dark Phoenix

-Rambo: Last Blood

-Men in Black: International (Write-In)

-Terminator: Dark Fate

-Charlie's Angels

Worst Supporting Actor

-James Corden – Cats

-Devon Sawa – The Fanatic (Write-In)

-Bruce Willis – Glass

-Jason Clarke – Serenity

Worst Director

-Fred Durst – The Fanatic (I couldn’t click this option fast enough)

-Tom Hooper – Cats

-Steven Knight – Serenity

Again, could only think of three truly worthy nominees.

Worst Actress

-Anne Hathaway – Serenity & The Hustle

-Rebel Wilson – The Hustle

-Francesca Hayward – Cats

-Sophie Turner – X-Men: Dark Phoenix

-Tyler Perry – A Madea Family Funeral

Worst Actor

-John Travolta – The Fanatic

-Matthew McConaughey – Serenity

-Keanu Reeves – Replicas

-Sylvester Stallone – Rambo: Last Blood

-Will Smith – Gemini Man

Worst Picture

-The Fanatic


-Rambo: Last Blood



A lot of my Rambo nominations are tongue-in-cheek. Rambo: Last Blood is a lot of fun in the end. But it isn't GOOD. It's comically violent. But it isn't Shakespeare here people!

The 2020 Razzie Nominations are released February 8th, 2020