Where to Eat in Minneapolis

If you're headed up north to the game in Minneapolis this weekend, here are a few restaurants we recommend you visit while you're there. Also, bring a jacket!

Everyone loves pizza, and for those wanting a slice in the Twin Cities, head over to Punch Pizza...


Every group has that one person who loves breakfast/diner food. Al's doesn't look much, it isn't very big. But they've won a freaking James Beard Award...for diner food!


The next choice crosses two off the dining list. Italian...and it's for those looking for a little more upscale fare. This is Pazzaluna!


A quirky Frankenstein of foods comes up next. Thai food and burritos, on the same plate.


And our last stop on the culinary tour of the Twin Cities is Tullibee. Minnesota has a large Nordic population and this restaurant highlights those flavors.



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