The History of The Joker

***WARNING: There are two F-bombs in this 17-minute video. They occur in the middle when Christopher Nolan's brother is speaking. He's a jerk, but I won't let him ruin an otherwise perfect presentation.***

The Joker is Batman's arch-nemesis dating back 80 years. He is synonymous with Batman. The two are inseparable. This weekend sees the release of "Joker" which is a new origin story, dark and violent in nature (more so than The Dark Knight). It takes things from previous origin stories and creates its own.

Watch this video from the folks over at Birth. Movies. Death. They retell the version of the Joker that comic fans know and love, and go through (most) of the film iterations of the classic villain. Then they dive deep into the psychology of the character and what he means to Batman and the world at large.

Joker hits theaters this weekend.

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