Movie Review: The Banana Splits Movie



Starring: Dani Kind, Finlay Wojtak-Hissong, & Romeo Carere

Directed By: Danishka Esterhazy

Rated: R

Runtime: 1 hour 29 minutes

Somebody somewhere thought it’d be a great idea to reboot The Banana Splits.On the surface, I can understand it.It’s a relatively popular piece of property from the 60s and 70s.It’d be cheap to bring back, you’ve got some name recognition, it could work in today’s world.

But what we have here is something completely different.I respect the big swing, but it strikes out almost immediately.This movie posits a world where The Banana Splits have been successfully rebooted.And one day, the show gets cancelled.The robotic Banana Splits don’t take well to being shut down and go on a murderous rampage at the studio where the show is filmed.

I don’t even hate the premise.It’s weird.It’s different.I can get on board with it.The execution (pardon the pun) is so lacking that everything suffers.The actors and characters are annoying.Sometimes it’s because the director wants you to want to see that person die, other times it’s just bad acting.

The Banana Splits Movie is hyper-violent and that part doesn’t bother me.The biggest question I had during and after was “Who is this movie for?”It isn’t to gain new Banana Splits fans, cause they’re not old enough to see this direct to DVD and streaming movie.I also imagine a lot of old die hard (again pardon the pun) fans of the show won’t take too kindly to seeing their old tv pals butchering fans.

It isn’t the worst movie of the year, but it’s close.It had me for about 30 minutes, and then I started to lose interest, the middle 30 was ok, and I was pleading with the disc to hurry up by the final thirty minutes.

On a scale of See It/Stream It/Skip It – You can go ahead and Skip The Banana Splits Movie

If you liked Child’s Play, Gremlins, or Annabelle you might enjoy The Banana Splits Movie.But I doubt it.Anything where a toy comes to life and kills.

1 out of 5 stars for The Banana Splits Movie.


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