This Reboot Craze Has Gone TOO FAR!


I understand the audience pushing back against reboots. They're creatively lazy. More times than not, they're a pure cash grab. I also understand studios instance on making more reboots. Audiences don't come out to see their original products, so give 'em something they already love.

In a conference call with investors this week, new Disney President Bob Iger (who now owns everything Fox has ever done) says he would consider rebooting a number of projects. Including Home Alone.

Blasphemous! How is that even possible? That movie would be five minutes long in today's modern world. You have cell phones, apps, a myriad of ways to communicate in an emergency. I guess your best idea would be the global cell network dies and a kid doesn't know how to live without gadgets. I could conceive that maybe there's an idea there, but it isn't worthy of being under the Home Alone umbrella.

CLICK HERE for all the details. I look forward to announcing the death of this project shortly.


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