The Insane Contract Demands of the Fast & Furious Stars


It's no secret WHY Hobbs and Shaw exists. Vin Diesel and The Rock hate each other. Going so far as to not film any scenes together in 'Fate of the Furious'. The one scene they did share was created with clever editing. But the franchise can't get rid of either one of them. So they created a separate cash cow for The Rock to be a part of. Hobbs and Shaw.

Rumors had been circulating over the last few years of the weird contract stipulations the stars of The Fast and Furious franchise have. The main one being that none of our heroes can lose a fight. Ever. Seriously. That was the rumor at least.

Today, we get word that it was SOOOOOO much weirder than that. Vin Diesel counted the number of offensive maneuvers each actor got. And demanded that they be even for every character. An insane demand, made even more insane by the fact that these movies are shot and edited in such a way that it's difficult to tell who is hitting who at any given time.

CLICK HERE for the full story that will make you look at these muscle bound actors as nothing but babies.

Fast and Furious Presents: Hobbs and Shaw is in theaters now.


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