What's New To Netflix in February


A new month means new content for your favorite streaming services. Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime will all roll out new content for the month of February.

CLICK HERE for the list of new movies coming to Netflix, Hulu, & Amazon Prime in February.

My personal selections would be:

  • Velvet Buzzsaw (Netflix - 2/1) This horror film w/ Jake Gyllenhaal sounds weird, looks weird, and by all accounts...is weird. Sometimes that's just crazy enough to work.
  • The Matrix (Amazon Prime - 2/1) Keanu Reeves' iconic sci-fi story turns 20 next month. What better way to celebrate than by watching the trilogy (or Trinity?) on Amazon Prime
  • T2: Judgment Day (Hulu - 2/1) Maybe the best action movie of all-time is on Hulu this month. The film still holds up.
  • Three Identical Strangers (Hulu 2/26) In a year FULL of amazing documentaries, this story of three identical twins separated at birth will leave your jaw on the floor


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