Dirty Omaha Politics?

Here's a new anti-Jean Stothert TV ad produced and sponsored by a group called Firefighters for a Better Government which, I assume, is basically the firefighters union.  Take a look and then see the response from a clearly angry Omaha Police Chief and his department.  What do you think?  

We were made aware of this commercial prior to it airing and initiated a call to a top level representative of Firefighters for a Better Government. During the call, it was clearly relayed that the commercial was misleading and erodes the public's confidence in the Omaha Police Department. In a follow-up call, it was explained that running the commercial now is insensitive and self-serving in light of the recent tragedy in our law enforcement community. To our disappointment, Firefighters for a Better Government, chose to run the commercial.

The purpose of this response is not to endorse nor detract from either mayoral candidate, but to defend the policing services in our community. The Omaha Police Department works diligently to gain the public's confidence and has a policing strategy that receives national attention. We will not stand by and allow a group who has no law enforcement experience to misconstrue the Omaha Police Department in this manner. The commercial insinuates it is to help the Omaha Police Department, in reality, it is offensive.

The Omaha Police Departments response times to the highest priority calls is nearly a half minute faster than it was in 2013. Our strategic policing plan clearly addresses future growth of the city.

We have the greatest respect for the Omaha Fire Department and the work they do. Our message is in defense of the Omaha Police Department and is directed solely at the group, Firefighters for a Better Government, for their purposefully deceptive commercial regarding the Omaha Police Department.


Omaha Police Department Senior Staff

Chief Todd Schmaderer

Deputy Chief David Baker

Deputy Mary Newman

Deputy Chief Elizabeth Davis

Deputy Chief Greg Gonzalez

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