Southwest Iowa Hay Recovery Providing Feed For Flood Displaced Animals

Many animals are safe due to the efforts of three local rescue groups. Lusco Farms Rescue, Scatter Joy Acres and Victory Riding Academy risked their own lives getting to these animals and getting them to high ground.Those animals are now being cared for at a number of rescue organizations or by family friends who have the room.While many of the animals are safe, their stored feed is gone.

Scott Shehan with Lusco Farms Rescue in Malvern, Iowa is part of the Southwest Iowa Hay Recovery Group and says he noticed that there were hay collections on the Nebraska side of the river but nothing in Iowa.That is when they got busy and started the collection - distribution resource.

Shehan says, "What we have found is that a lot of neighbors have stepped up and are taking care of the animals while the people figure out what to do with their homes.Those folks can call us and tell us we have taken on four of our neighbor’s horses or cows or whatever it might be and I am having trouble finding hay or financially I can't feed them long-term, that is what this hay campaign is all about.The last thing we want to do is have people worrying about feeding their animals when they are trying to put their lives back together."

Shehan says anyone can ask for help from ranchers to smaller animal owners.He says they will eventually have to start purchasing hay.The storage season is coming to an end and many people are selling off hay because the space will be needed for new bales.Unfortunately with the flood, this isn't a month or two project. Pastures have been damaged and it will take years to recover.They are reaching out across the country asking for hay and feed donations and are very grateful for what they have already received.

Those wanting to make a monetary donation can do so at

Donations can be mailed to: Lusco Farms Donkey Rescue, 32295 Lambert Avenue, Malvern, Iowa 51551

Those wanting to make a donation can also call Stevann Huey at 712-326-5206.

Those needing hay and feed can contact Mitch Hyde at 402-841-4432.


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