NEMA Ready To Help With Livestock Carcass Removal Due To Flooding

Nebraska livestock producers lost hundreds of animals swept away in flood water.Many are still missing or are showing up dead on other people's property.The Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality is working with those individuals needing to dispose of dead livestock.

Nebraska Emergency Management Agency Public Information Officer Mike Wight says the first step in the process is to take photos of the livestock and if possible their ear tags.That serves as proof the animal is at that location.The next step is to get the carcass moved to a location where it can be buried.There is help.

Wight says, "Identify your county emergency manager and place a call.That number and name can be found through county offices or by logging on to to get a list of those county emergency managers.That individual will work to coordinate either the burial or disposition of some other way of the carcass.They will also work with the farmer that the cow belonged to and let them know they have found the missing animal."

Wight says down the road is where the documentation comes into play.Disposal of the carcasses will likely come with a cost. NEMA will be in contact with FEMA or the Small Business Administration for possible reimbursement. Document all costs and keep receipts.At a later date you can work with the emergency manager to get a refund for those costs.

The best bet right now is to get those carcasses buried.Wight says burning is not an option.He says county emergency managers can connect the homeowner with someone with the equipment that can handle something of that size.Wight says the average home or acreage owner likely does not have the equipment to tackle the job and that is where the local emergency manager can come into play.

A reminder, county emergency managers are extremely busy right now so messages might not be answered as promptly as you may like.Wight says you may also want to leave a message with the county office as well stating you need a call back as soon as possible.


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