International Ag Show Set For Paris

International Agricultural Show, February 23rd to March 3rd 2019 in Paris.  

If there was a platform representative of every facet of French agriculture, the fair would be it, and in addition it brings together all those who make up the agricultural world. The principle leaders and influencers in the world of agriculture can be found here exchanging ideas on the agricultural systems of tomorrow. High profile industry insiders come together to learn, inform and share among each other and are joined on this occasion by members of the public, by politicians, as well as local, regional and national organizations..

CONCOURS GENERAL AGRICOLE (General Agricultural Competition) - Attractive Center

A showcase of the incredible diversity of the French agriculture sector and the wealth of know-how of its producers committed to excellence, the competition is a unique moment allowing professionals, throughout a nine day period, to present and admire the finest producing animals and products in the country.

The General Agricultural Competition and its prestigious national finals thus represent, for these professional visitors in search of excellence, an unparalleled development opportunity, and for growers and breeders, recognition, as well as being a powerful motivator for the development for their activities.

  • Livestock Competition
  • Wine Competition
  • Agricultural Products Competition
  • Young Professionals Competition
  • Bio-agricultural Competition

To accompany their visit each professional visitor to the Fair receives an E-badge offering them extensive benefits and additional advantages, including:

• A VIP arrival• Exclusive entry access at Door V for speed and comfort• Access to two professional agro-clubs (located in Pavilions 1 and 4) where they can enjoy a moment of respite or a private space ideal for meetings and professional discussion• The option of an exclusive private welcome for professional groups attending the Fair, customized to their needs• Exclusive access passes to attend with the agricultural competitions

 And to facilitate their visit, the International Agricultural Fair also offers a dedicated professional space to assist those with visa requirements. They can also benefit from reductions in travel expenses through the AIR FRANCE and KLM Global Meetings websites with the code 33948AF valid from February 18th to March 18th 2019.


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