Corn Refiners Association Joins Trade Group

Today, the Corn Refiners Association, or CRA, the national trade association representing the corn refining industry in the United States, announced that it has joined Farmers for Free Trade.

Farmers for Free Trade is a bipartisan campaign co-chaired by former Senators Richard Lugar and Max Baucus that is focused on amplifying the voices of American farmers, ranchers and agricultural businesses that support free trade. Farmers for Free Trade is currently working at the grassroots level to organize and educate farmers about the importance of trade, including through work at state commodity conventions, through state proclamations, by reaching farmers through social media, and by identifying local spokespeople, among other efforts. The Corn Refiners Association joins several other major commodity groups, including the American Farm Bureau, in partnering with Farmers for Free Trade to strengthen support for trade in rural America.

“America’s corn refiners, along with the rest of American agriculture, need trade policies that unlock access to new markets, break down trade barriers, and level the playing field so that American farmers can compete and win,” said John Bode, President and CEO of the Corn Refiners Association. “In 2019, Congressional ratification of the new U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) is a priority for us. Farmers for Free Trade has consistently shown that they’re committed to working with any partner, regardless of politics, to build support for trade policies at the grassroots level, where it’s needed most. The Corn Refiners Association is excited to partner with Farmers for Free Trade to continue to fight for policies that advance free trade, expand opportunities for our members, and help America feed a hungry world.”

“We are excited to have the Corn Refiners of America on board this rapidly expanding effort at a critical time for American ag exports,” said former Senator Richard Lugar. “America’s corn refiners are among the most export dependent groups and with their help we will look to build even more support for trade at the local and state level. Working with partners like the Corn Refiners we will be able to continue to advocate for trade policies that tear down barriers to trade.”

“For over a century the Corn Refiners Association has proven that they can mobilize support for the big issues that face their membership, particularly on trade,” said former Senator Max Baucus. “That’s why having them be part of Farmers for Free Trade is going to be so important in our efforts to reach the decision makers here in Washington D.C. Farmers for Free Trade has already proven that they can mobilize farmers to fight for trade policies that work, adding the Corn Refiners support to our effort will only bolster our work in the year to come.”

In 2019, Farmers for Free Trade will continue to focus on supporting trade policies that open new markets, including the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) and potential new trade agreements with the EU, Japan, and UK. Farmers for Free Trade will also continue to work in a bipartisan way to express many in the ag community’s concern over tariff policies that have reduced export opportunities for farmers, ranchers, and rural communities.

Information provided by Farmers for Free Trade.  


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