Green Light Given For Growing Hemp

The Nebraska Farm Bureau is pleased that the 2018 Farm Bill approved in Congress includes the legal production of hemp.  Director of National Affairs Jordan Dux says this could be a big boom for Nebraska farmers. 

Dux says, "Hemp was grown in the United States for a long time.  The Colonies grew hemp.  It certainly has had an association with its cousin that remains illegal.  We try to make sure we maintain a separation of these two issues as it relates to industrial hemp VS marijuana, medical marijuana and some of those things.  Our support lies on the hemp side of things."

Dux says he has spoken with Nebraska producers who are interested in growing hemp.  He has gone to many meetings across the state and hemp has been a hot topic.  He says, ""I think farmers are always willing to find a new market to try to get in to.  With the corn and soybean model right now given the trade uncertainties that exist, this is maybe a new opportunity for producers to plant a new crop."  He says the challenge moving forward is finding a market for the product. 

Hemp has dozens of uses and can be used to make clothing, shoes, detergent, non-toxic diesel fuel, paint to pet food and bedding. 


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