Farm Bill Retains SNAP

The nutrition provisions of the farm bill that the House-Senate Conference Committee recently released would ensure that thousands of struggling families and individuals will continue to be able to count on the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) to help put food on the table. A vote on this legislation is imminently expected in Congress.

“The conference agreement does not include the proposed cuts to SNAP and other harmful changes that would have resulted in thousands of Nebraskans facing a loss of support,” said James Goddard, Director of the Economic Justice Program at Nebraska Appleseed. “The new proposal reauthorizes SNAP and makes other modest improvements to the program.”

SNAP is a key part of the farm bill and helps about 176,000 Nebraskans know where their next meals comes from. The vast majority of individuals in Nebraska utilizing SNAP are children, at 74%.

“We encourage our delegation to support this legislation and ensure SNAP can continue to support hard working families in our state.”

Information provided by Nebraska Appleseed 


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